Peecock Superfine

Peecock Superfine yarns are made from 100% Combed Cotton fiber, and are gassed and mercerized to make it less hairy, stronger, silky smooth, and carefully crafted to make it anti-pilling. As the name suggests, these yarns are superfine, extremely delicate amd generally take longer to knit, which is why, they are ideally suited for expert knitters.

Because of their delicate yarn weight, they are perfect for knitting or crocheting baby items, lace, socks, and occasionally - shawls. Peecock Superfine yarns come in a vast palette of bright colors and beautiful shades.

Some of our popular products:
Article No Fiber Composition Process & Finish Length Per 50g**
PE04501 100% Cotton Gassed & Mercerised 200m
PE08503 100% Combed Cotton Double Gassed & Double Mercerised 300m
PE14504 100% Combed Cotton Un-Gassed & Un-Mercerised 180m
**Approximate Lengths

Important details:

80m onwards per 50g 2.50mm – 3.00mm (guideline only, may vary with each product)
Color Options
  • Optical White
  • Ecru
  • Solid Color
  • Multicolor / Variegated / Ombre / Space dyed
  • Grindle

Available in over 50 colours. View Shade card

Popular packaging and put-ups:
  • Balls: 50g, 100g, 150g, 200g
  • Cakeballs: 25g, 50g, 100g
  • Skeins/Hanks/Mattasse: 100g, 200g

Customization options: Refer the 'Make Your Own Thread' section