Located 150 kms Northwest of India’s capital New Delhi, at Hisar, in the state of Haryana, the manufacturing plant is spread across a sprawling 140,000 sq. mtrs of land, with a covered area of 54,000 sq.mtrs.

This is a fully integrated manufacturing unit that can process raw fiber into a finished and packaged product, with a manufacturing capacity of 4.8 million kgs per year.

The plant is equipped with the latest machinery which consists of 25000 ring spinning spindles including combing integrated with autoconers, doubling, TFO-twisting, gas-singeing, hank-winding; modern process house for scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing, polishing & glazing; complete finishing facility for balling, skeining, spooling, tubing and packaging.

The company employs 1500 technically skilled workforce, and has a worldwide network of partners, vendors, dealers, distributors, who have contributed to its growth.