Cotton Perlé

Cotton Perlé is made from Extra Long Staple Cotton Fiber - combed for uniform fiber length, singed by flame twice, and mercerized twice for exceptional workability, strength and brilliance. This is a smooth and strong non-divisible 2ply thread with a beautiful pearlised sheen.

Cotton Perlé is ideal for embroidery, crochet, knitting, tatting, hardanger, cross-stitch, appliqué work, quilting, blackwork, redwork, lacemaking and other types of creative needlework.

Cotton Perlé by HP Threads is available in:
  • Common sizes: Ne 5/2, Ne 8/2 and Ne 12/2
  • Common put-up: 5gm/10gm/20gm Balls with core
  • Also available in Cotton-metallic yarn blend
  • A wide range of pearlised colors View Shade card

Customization options: Refer the 'Make Your Own Thread' section